Wednesday, July 01, 2009


NID AND SANCY - KIDZZ (Original Dub) from sixthsensemanagement on Vimeo.

Its not about us, Its About You ..... and here you are.. !!!!

We're kickin in the summer of 2009 with a video for Kidzz !!! This baby is directed by Little red Robot. Check out the pics, coming courtesy of Merlin Bronques and Word to Bronques. Word to the LRR crew !!!!

Its actually the 1st time Lastnightsparty has agreed to do something like this...expect more Nid And Sancy on LASTNIGHTSPARTY TV wich is launching SOOOON....

Buy this track from Itunes folks... NID AND SANCY - ALBUM YEAH YEAH YES


Jago said...

Nice vid! And even nicer music! Hope to see you guys again this summer. Blijven gaan!

Anonymous said...

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