Sunday, November 12, 2006


Yesterday a friend sent us a series of pictures he found on the net from our show in Hollywood. Beneath the pictures of us and the other band (Hello Fever , nice people by the way & cool music) there was one picture that intrigued me because i recognised the guy from when we were in LA last October. He was one of the 2 guys who organised this clubnight called PTP . When we first met him that evening , it seems he left his good manners somewhat at home and came off a bit unpleasant and arrogant. For instance...for drink they organised a crate of beer for us... Thats nice and thoughtful hadnt it been for the fact a) meant we couldnt go to the bar and order even a glass of tap water b) they somehow assumed we would probably have no taste for anything else except Beer , us being musicians after all we would probably have destroyed tastebuds that only reacted a verry fizzy alcoholic beverages....... but anyway...c) even the story of the beer was a bit unclear , as they claimed it was "somewhere backstage'. Point really wasnt. It really wasnt anywhere to be seen...And can you really expect your guests to walk into a venue and start looking everywhere for something they dont really want anyway? We had just flown halfway around the world and been subject to the worst security checks (London) ever known to man. Shouldnt he have informed us prior to our arrival that he was in fact THE EASTER BUNNY , and he expected us to go search where he was hiding the gifts? Anyway , there were some more discussions on some other topics that evening , in so far we & the friends from LA that we inv>ited got a pretty good idea about the weird ways in wich this frankly intriguing person of a man operated. Now in all honesty...he could have had a bad day and in reality be a very nice guy...but what the fuck....we were tired as well and we needed a fuckin Vodka & coke light...wich we ended up buying... Now back to the picture wich is to be found here :

Now , without going into the specifics of that evening ,(because we dont know them and the picture poster kept it a bit under wraps. What she did write was that the guy on the pic was punched in the nose by a "friend" . Some people define friendship in different ways...and fuck it , who are we to comment on that. But anyway...the guy with the nice towel and the bloody nose is in fact.....The Easter Bunny !!! And this is the first pic ever taken of an easter bunny right after developing a bloody nose...

Its brought shine to a very hard working weekend for us, life is in the little things..Shalohm to you my good friend from LA.

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