Friday, November 10, 2006

It's All Open Now

Theres a pattern in our way of working wich started to emerge again. We start off with one simple rockversion of a song and after a couple of days the FILE beast comes creeping up and starts fuckin about with the original version spawning all kinds of different files with small alterations on the previous file wich sets leaves us in a turmoil of different and not so different versions of versions of files. ========Its fun, you should try it! And it gets even more fun , because every little file can at any time spawn a new set of lightly modified files wich in get the picture . Its not unlike the dragon you try to cut its head off but with every head you cut two more appear out of the blue. But then at some point in the process, while you are cutting through all these heads and you are kneedeep in blood & dragons guts...out of a mist of smoke slowly appears the MASTER HEAD ...All shiny in its OWN FILE.....bading in Technicolor...and thats the motherfucker you are going for; So yesterday we saw a glimpse of the masterfile. Its a totally different kind of track then the one we started with but we were pleased yesterday with the result...

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