Friday, January 12, 2007

Magik Movements / Modern Times Are Gone

Hey you hellish little buttercups sea have the first few days of 2007 worked out for you?
We had a listening session to some roughs this evening together with our label. it helps to get a third and even a fourth pair of ears involved to point out stuff we've grown so accustomed to we dont notice anymore. Other than that, we got a lot done today. Some days we get a lot done, others we just end up nowhere....but its fun all the same....

We bought a stack of DVDs a while back, but there has hardly been time to watch any of them;;;;....we did watch through the new Sopranos, wich is absolutely ACE! Badabing!! Oh yeah, in 2007 we'll be giving the Digital Piss factory label a new breath of fresh air with some new releases. Its been far too quite in the last 18 months due to a lot of other activities but it will pick up again soon.....

Cant upload new pics, coz the stupid blogger wont let us load them..maybe

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