Thursday, March 08, 2007

The brand new Nid & Sancy album " Color At The Darkest Disco" will be out on April 17Th. Follow the clues on to get to the loopholes, hidden tracks etc... Starting March 14Th!

N&S - WHT LGHTS FLSHNG (3:01) (Radio Edit).

Naked Disco. Robotized Vocals. Now on Myspace.



Bert Heymans said...

Already looking forward to it :)

A. said...

Hè, hè. ;)

It took some time but hey, I'm happy! Also looking forward!

zuppaman said...

Oooh yeaah I'm so ready for it.
I still remember the first time I listened to Talk to the machine.

A. said...

Sooo, just checked out "WHT LGHTS FLSHNG"..

what a surprise! Really like it. And that these tracks aren't compareable but really outstanding is just a promis for the album to be a blast! Can't wait.