Tuesday, April 03, 2007


WHTE LGHTS FLSHNG entered the HUMO Arriba list today/this week at nr 9. NNiicce!


kimanovitch said...

Very Nice!!!

Now something else... A few months ago you told me that i could find the remixes from 'extended machines' on itunes in matter of time. But a few months later nothing changed... So, do you have any idea when we can download the songs?

Hope to see you at some festivals this summer and good luck with the new album!


Sil@DPF. said...

Hello Kimanovich,

You-re right. We're looking into it right now and will be back with definite news on that.... To be honest we thought it was available, but it appears its not..so hold on xSil

NID & SANCY said...

Within the next 4 weeks the Extended machines will be available on itunes. other digital Piss Factory/Galacticamendum back catalogue as well as madensuyu will also become available on the itunes store.