Monday, April 30, 2007

Hey there.Time for a small update. We've been up for 24hrs straight ,thanx to all who came down to see us at 1DayOff yesterday.You were ace!! On the other hand, we apologise to the people who came down later to Tivoli saturday only to find the show was already over!!This was a classic case of bad timing/programming, but it was beyond our control and couldnt be helped.There was a curfew for us and Vitalic, all shows had to be over by 12:30. Again:apologies.

On another note. Theres some reviews of catdd starting to appear . Belgian weekly HUMO has a review of the record this week, as well as internet mag / also check this

We have finished an exclusive podcast for the Bootlegbar series hosted by e-label Wack Attack Barrack wich you can download for free in the itunes store. we decided to include some tracks/outtakes that didnt make it on the album and that you will not be able to hear anywhere else (and it has an interview and some general nonsense courtesy of us) exact link to follow , but it shouldnt be too hard to find anyway.

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