Wednesday, September 26, 2007


THE ABSOLUTE LAST copies of the Galacticamendum "24HR BAMBINI CHEMIST" 12" will be merched out @ the Gent Minus One show Oct 12 and if there are any left the following shows untill they´re gone. Bam!! xxxxxxxxxxxx Also we have a few original HAND MADE genuine silver Nid & Sancy badges/Pins left for sale.We had about 60 made to give as presents to the people most important to us. The remaining are up for sale. Free posters included with every purchase and ONLY at shows!!! CATDD on vinyl we heard is almost sold out , only a few copies remaining.

JIMTV is doing a feature on us in one of the next editions of GOING OUT. We asked Cliff to give us a heads up when it will be on.

People singing their N&S praise and us liking them because of it : : Check out the track WATTS on the space of EMC :

Theres more news, but we´re not quite ready to give it yet. Hang on hook tight. Lots of Love ...........

X X X N & S

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