Sunday, November 22, 2009


SymbolOne. They are rising stars.One of the guys lives in a town called Split (Croatia), the other in Dublin. How on earth they ever got to making music together is still a mystery. But they have and this track has been buzzing over the internet for some time.

It was released in France on Archibell Records. Justice used it in their rejected "Fabric" Christmas mix. Digitalism, Kavinsky and Busy P played it out many times. Soulwax included it on the cd sampler they made with Trax magazine. Suffice to say, SymbolOne are on their way.

We wanted to sign them to DPF Recordings long before anyone knew them. We asked them several times, but they were not in a hurry to release anything. Since then we've become quite good friends. We visited them in Paris and Amsterdam. We got drunk together. When we were in Amsterdam with Peaches, Vinko stopped her cd player while she was DJing and growled in her ear the now legendary words 'Sish Kebab'. It was uncalled for. And he was ashamed the day after. Thats when we knew they were good folk.

The "Lovejuice " ep is available right now on Itunes and comes backed with 2 new remixes from Loose Shus and Passions and the Moulinex remix wich was already around but is a total blaster. Great EP. Buy here !

For Press & info mail :

SymbolOne - Love Juice by DPFRecordings


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tkep203 said...

I have not heard of SymbolOne for a long time now, are they still active in the music scene? I was able to listened to their track when it first came out, it'll be nice to hear more of their music.

Kimberly Harris - "SEO Company that Cares!"

Jacob said...

I just know SymbolOne now. I haven't ever heard about SymbolOne? What kind of music they play?

Edmund said...

SymbolOne? The name sounds weird for me. Are they played well in their music? What kind of music they are playing? Rock, disco electric or others?

Kevin said...

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