Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Went to the store and bought about 15 dvd's. Documentarys ( The Filth & The Fury , Easy Riders Raging Bulls etc...) , movies (Body Double , Apocalypse now Redux version , usual Suspects extra edition etc etc...). Then we fired up a new blank filepage on the computer. Aahhh....the smell of fresh canvas! The beginnings of a new track worktitled "ULTRQUANITZER" wich we had a lot of fun tweaking. Great day, made about 3 minutes of cool stuff. We played around with the ms20 a bit, normally not my favorite synth at all , but did enjoy working on it today. Tomorrow we'll warm up the polivoks, wich is a Russian synth made back in the day by a company called FORMANTA. All the legend on it is in cyrillic. Its THE synth for buzzy sexy noises and all kinds of sweeps & not to forget, the filter on ours is absolutely mindblowing. It also has an external in so you can mangle your stuff through the belly of the beast. Anyway..its one of our all time favorite machines, along with the EMSsynthi , wich is also all over many of our tracks, be it for sounds, but just as much to run things through them. In terms of good synths, the EMS is about the best you can find. We've had two, we still have our vcs3 with the sequencer and the keyboard,...the Synthi A , wich is basically the same but comes in a briefcase , we sold to the Soulwax boys. Oh yes, that reminds me....REALLY been enjoying the Zombie Nation album ...its Killer!!

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